It's not just Math,

It's McMath!

I am good at MATH, and to be honestly not everyone does. The main reason is that I feel fun and confident with it.

They are good reasons if anyone want to do something well.

Yes, they need to get a good motivation, a really good one to keep them works on that things every day, recursively, again, again and again.

Until, it becomes their essessial skills just like an intiution, something that you don't need to put to much effort like really focus to turn it on.

Yay, the initiation is something that does matter. Somebody just turn it on naturally, somebody not. I hope by writing this small game, I can help people with to warm up their MATH intiution, that does matter :)

In this game, you can enjoy practicing your MATH skills, intensively, recursively while learning something news about our Solar system.

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